WraparoundIf checked, cells on opposite edge of square (top/bottom & left/right) are considered neighboring.
If the simulation is running, the number of milliseconds between frames.
End on stableIf checked, sim ends when no cells are born or die.
The number of neighbors a cell must have tor survive to the next frame.
If an empty cell has bunnies in exactly this many neighbors, it will spawn a new bun!
Buns with buns in this many or more cells will vanish.
If 'use lifespan' checked, the number of frames a cell lives for.
Use lifespanCells die after lifespan reached
Mortality from lifespan onlyCells vanish only from age, not overpopulation
How many buns you may place before starting the simulation.
Simulation stops if there are fewer than this number of buns. Try again!
Sim stops when there are this many living buns. Goal reached!
Sim stops if there are active cells after this many frames. Goal reached!
Rainbow (ROYGBIV) buns From red(1) to violet(7+) the bun's color will reveal how many frames it's been around.
If rainbow buns are active, the number of frames before a bun advances to the next color in the rainbow.
Sets frame count to zero, clears all buns, and resizes grid.
Advances the simulation one frame.
Click on any cell: if empty, a baby bunny will appear. If occupied, the bun will vanish.