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We had a great Gateway2016 and will certainly be at Orccon2017.   Interested in demoing our games? (We’ll have goodies!)











And much more to come….


Rabbit Match: The Game
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Three bits of news:
1. Toki Michaels is now handling all social media (FB, Twitter) posts and interaction. If you want to reach Dave or Michelle about the games, just contact Toki or message the page and the note will be passed on immediately.

2. The House Rabbit Journal has published Dave's article on designing our bunny games. Photos below. Links to online PDF's and more coming soon. (Though members already have their magazine copies. Want to join? Contact your local chapter such as or if you're not in Los Angeles,

3. Big thanks to Gerrod Garcia, Axenic Games, The Guild House, and everyone behind Gam3rcon for hosting the UnPub this weekend in San Diego. Rolling for Bunnies is, well rolling along and we're making good progress making what's fun, more fun and what isn't, vanishing without anyone missing it!
Rabbit Match: The Game
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Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! (The 8th of July.)

More soon...Hop!
Rabbit Match: The Game
Rabbit Match: The GameFriday, June 16th, 2017 at 9:32am
Assorted mid-week notes:

1. You all know Baby, right? Well our co-designer, Michelle discusses baby monsters and why you really want an adult rabbit here:

2. Quick reminder that we will be at the Unpub Mini this weekend. Not only will there be Rolling for Bunnies but games from a lot of developers who've helped improve the game with their insights and advice.

3. For those of you at Origins, check out Breaking Games' Rise of Tribes (, as they are big supporters of local game designers, and Infinite Heart Games ( Rabbit Island, because who doesn't want rabbit meeples?
Rabbit Match: The Game
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We will be there, with Rolling for Bunnies (and check out the other games too--many by designers who have helped improve our dice and foo-foo extravaganza.)
Rabbit Match: The Game
Rabbit Match: The GameTuesday, June 6th, 2017 at 10:17am
Gross understatement: the last 10% of the design takes 90% of the work. But we're getting closer--even solving more problems than we introduce. To that end...

Bunnies need friends, or at the very least, companions they can peacefully live with. The same applies to theme, rules, and the underlying math. In the case of Rolling for Bunnies, the pairs (Peanut and Chocolate, Ebb and Flo, Guinness and Bass) excited players when we taught the game, but disappointed, if not aggravated the testers during the session. There was no way to just tweak the numbers to make it work.

So, we used our ears, and took suggestions for a thematic replacement: one of which is below. The more family you get the higher score. Otherwise, keeping them isolated is a net loss for you and the furballs. (Six young white things had us thinking Greg, Marsha, Peter, Jan, Bobby, and Cindy...but seeing how few people got the Go-Go's...)

In other news, we have more modifications hitting the testing round, and....(What? The bunnies are actually snoozling? Shhhh...We'll type later)


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1. Toki Michaels is handling all social media for our games
2, #DaveWrites a design article in the new…
Sunday, June 18th, 2017 at 3:39am
RT @laboardgamejam: Come to the LA UnPub Mini and playtest "Rolling for Bunnies" & "Waxing the Barbarian" from @RabbitMatchGame https://t.c…
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Recognize Baby, players? This is her "monster stage" when she learned how good books taste and lost "explore the li…
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Andrew is a real innovator: each of his games is completely different from the previous one. #ValuableInsight




































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