Rolling for Bunnies

Bunny dice and bunny Cards and that’s all 

A game in which 1-4 players, ages 8+  can get their rabbit fix in under 45 minutes



From the Rabbit Match test sessions…

A new game

At the beginning of every Rabbit Match turn players roll for how many new rabbits come to their facility. Not only did the regular command “roll for bunnies” add much needed rhythm to an hitherto unpolished game with players still learning the basics, the statement itself was a stimulus. 

And since we like dice, and we like bunnies, and because even the leveret edition of Rabbit Match didn’t quite hit that casual gamer sweet spot–it was time to back to work.

The design rules were simple: dice and cards and nothing else that would slow down play.

 IMG_0257 - Copy


Socializing bunnies? Is that like foo-foo finishing school? 

Moving from Bunny friend to Friendly bunnies: an overview of play

Rabbits are prey animals and as such, they need to spend time in a safe environment learning to trust omnivores 50+ times their size,  (I.e. people), before we can adopt them out. This was the one aspect of rabbit adoption we left out of Rabbit Match, but it is the core element of Rolling for Bunnies.

Socialize then adopt. Repeat until victorious.
To do this, players have two types of dice–socializing and rabbit type (i.e. adoption dice)–and can roll only so many each turn. Determining the ratio is part of the strategy.  To adopt a bunny, the player must:

  • Fill the top row with hearts rolled on socializing dice until there are no blank spaces
  • Match the result of a rabbit type die roll to the symbol at the card’s bottom.

Player then takes the card, returning others’ socializing dice and then letting them “borrow” an equal number for use on their next turn. That’s right: players score rabbits others have invested time and dice in, but there’s a cost…

We’ll be posting complete rules soon after Strategicon, when we’ll have some of our special cards tested.