Gamer Tested

Rescue Approved

Rabbits? Really? Why rabbits? 

We get that a lot. At conventions. At in-store events. At Unpubs. At Protospiels. Whenever we make our pitch for their time in a room filled with spaceships, dungeons, elder gods, zombies, trains, tanks, and…

And with that in mind, we know the importance of making a good underlying game, not just a platform for a good cause and cute pictures. That’s why, even with our more broadly targeted Rolling for Bunnies, we’re testing and testing and testing with established game designers and the kind of players who need an extra basement for their collections and an encyclopedia of rules, mechanics and industry history in their brains.

This is inappropriate. Don’t put it in.

That’s what our rabbit people often tell us when we propose a new card or mechanic, or even a tweak in the math. And once we’re done sulking, we realize that it was the product of lazy, desperate thinking, and it would only cause problems later on.  

For us, the message is not something to be preached, something that limits fun: it’s something that makes us work harder. Just as theme and mechanics are complementary components of any good game, the pressure of that creating something doing good. 

To that end, we’re establishing a special spay and neuter fund for all monies received beyond the base expenses.  


 ‘Print and play’ or ‘pet then play’? We certainly have one vote in…