Rabbit Match

Rescue simulation: Matching Rabbit to Rabbit, Rabbit to Adopter

layers take the role rescue shelter managers, seeking victory by placing rabbits in quality homes and enhancing their reputation within the animal community.With each turn come more rabbit as potential adopters, crises, and opportunities.
Players grow their victory pile and point total matching rabbits with adopters according to adopter preferences, gaining bonuses if the rabbit is difficult to place (Is it sick or unfriendly? Does it disdain the litter box or other bunnies?) or part of a bonded pair–bunny-to-bunny bonding forming the other matching activity.

Too many bunnies for the available space (on an individual’s tableau) and too few (or finicky) adopters at turn’s end demand players negotiate with competitors who may have space, or get creative with bonding lest they have to send bunny foo-foos to paid foster care (with its victory point penalties).Cards for personal assistants (with issues and assets), Easter, dump crises, media fads, rich and fickle benefactors are among the items that provide variety within games and between session





Matching Rabbit to Rabbit: A Rabbit Match bonding primer

Rabbits bond for life, and are much happier in bonded pairs.

Players are also much happier because a bonded pair yields more victory points and can occupy a single space in the player’s facility. 

So how do we bond? Much as we do in real life, with a round of speed dating and the mantra: no means no, lining up rabbit cards side by side and making sure there are no Ø’s. Consider:

Thunderbun and Autumn can bond successfully.


Cocoa and BombletRed
Even though they have two complete hearts, the Ø prevents Cocoa and Bomblet from bonding.


What about bunnies with no complete  Ø’s
and no complete ♥’s? For those fragile bonds, such as  we see in Pounce and Lady Jowls:


Matching Rabbit to Adopter:
The Basics

Adopters are identified by quality and preferences. Quality becomes a factor if rabbits are returned by adopters or an event yields penalties or rewards according to player standards.

Regarding rabbit adoptions, the adopter preferences at the bottom of each card correspond to identifying features of the rabbits. Consider: 

RISKY ADOPTER. Must have LOP. Will not take RUBY.
AVERAGE ADOPTER . Must have large rabbit. Will not take rabbit with MEDICAL or BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS.
AVERAGE ADOPTER . Willing to take pair. One must be LIONHEAD. Neither can be a BEHAVIORAL PROBLEM.
EXCELLENT ADOPTER who has a rabbit looking for a friend.

Events and assistants


Dealing with donors, assistants, breeder arrests, bunny fads bunny-bunny breakups, humans who return their rabbits, and dump crises complete the player’s experience. Who can can survive a crisis? Who can thrive in one? And who can you depend on among your fellow rescuers–and what will they want in return? You’re in competition, but bad reputations spread… 




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